Monday, July 03, 2017

Baxter is hard to photograph! & Ron's work on the house

 Baxter is black...
and definitely hard to take pictures of...
 Oh wait,
there you can see at least one eye...

 This little blue thing is a Puppy Kong.
You can fill it with food...
and then it's a task for him to get the food out.
 We're working on the house..
painting it.
 Pete replaced all the siding below that belly band...
so we had to prime and then paint it.
Ron scraped the siding above the belly band, 
and we're painting that, too.
We're going to paint the entire house.
but just a section at a time.
 Here's our new little guy...again.

 Being black,
when it's sunny outside and a bit warm,
Baxter goes for the shade.

Here you can see his features some...
plus the twigs on his face.
He's a gymnast!
He absolutely turns somersaults...
and loves to roll in the grass...

We adore this little guy!

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