Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

It was another beautiful day on the north coast!
We took a journey to Lady Bird Johnson Grove, a spectacular stand of Redwoods with a 1.5 mile (or so) trail running through it.
This little guy, Brody, did not want to walk...
so my baby brother, Brody's grandpa, carried him...

This little guy can't make his mind up which baseball team is his favorite..
so while he was thinking about it, his dad helped him snap his jeans after his bathroom stop.

I just love this bridge...especially from below when you're driving under it.
This bridge has been the setting for many pictures!
Remy took off running...
he had his brochure in hand to tell him all about what we were going to see.
His dad always had him in his sight!
Brody still wouldn't walk...
so my baby brother carried him just a few more yards..
and that was it! 
A Redwood forest is just spectacular!

Thanksgiving before, 1 year and 8 months ago, we came here and Remy had his picture made on this same stump...only it was with Emerson, Benjamin, and William!

Off we went!
There are some little trails around some of the trees...and sometimes they just circle the tree, or they may head downhill a bit to another tree... Remy liked to explore these trails.
He's got his map/brochure with him.
This tree had an opening just his size!

Addison is tall...
but he's a shrimp compared to these trees!

"Remy, make sure I can see you," his dad reminded him.
This was cool...
we hiked down one of those little trails to this tree that we're standing IN,
and looking out at another tree further down that also has a hole in it.
This was standing in one of the trees looking UP... 
the tree had burned, but a new tree was growing out the top!

Even the moss is beautiful to me.

So these 3 photos below...are of one tree...
I need to put them in photoshop and fuse them together.

I think these are called Cathedral trees..
They're Redwoods, but the base is one tree, but then it divides, I guess, and becomes more.
This one just became 2 trees.

This was a Redwood that had fallen...

Remy is scared of bears.  I doubt if he's ever seen one, but his dad will sometimes tell him a bear will get him if he does....whatever.  So right before this little video, Remy had realized his voice we told him to scream out his name and see if he could hear it echo.  His first question on the video is if a bear will get him.  Listen, and you CAN hear the echo.  It was much more pronounced than what you can hear on the video.

Off he goes...
After Remy got a little ways ahead,
his dad hid behind a bush!
I'm not sure how concerned Remy was that he didn't see him...
Ah ha!  Addison was Remy!

I just love this area of the grove.
It's full of ferns...huge ferns...
ferns that were taller than Addison...and he's 6'3", I think!

I told Remy he had to do this...
that it was tradition!

After walking over a mile, Remy's dad asked him if he was tired...
he was...
and now it was Remy's turn for a ride...
at least for a few minutes.

Lady Bird Johnson is always a beautiful place for a walk.  
Remy sure had fun running around...
and so did I...and his dad!

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