Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Project

There was a .... Disaster at Gabe and Emily's...
a water leak...
Gabe spent quite a few days trying to figure out where it was coming from..
Donnie came up and together they figured it out..
It was the worst possible scenario...
a leak under the slab foundation!
Just exactly what Joshua had analyzed when I told him about it!
With an incredibly high deductible
and 3 able bodied men..
they decided they could fix it!
First,was drilling out the foundation on top of the leak...

Ah-Ha!  Gabe said this was the issue.
The heating pipe was on top of...another pipe..
and eventually, made a leak.

See that little hole!
That has caused all kinds of problems!
Gabrial put this on his Facebook page, calling Donnie "The Artisan."
That's true!  Donnie is SO GOOD at analyzing problems...
and he's SO GOOD at fixing them.
Ron went down Saturday morning, coming back Sunday help with 'the Project'.  Hopefully it's fixed now!

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