Monday, July 17, 2017

Emerson & Walt go horseback riding....sort of!

 The boys got to go horseback riding...
well, they pretended their Papa was the horse..
 He carried them well!
Baxter thought he should be included in the fun.

 See the horses Ron's foot up in the air?
That's how Walt got on his back!


 I thought Ron might end up with a sore back...
but I was wrong.

 Walt wanted to be the horse...
 Papa was just a bit too heavy for him...
 Baxter also wanted to be the horse...
but Papa and Walt were way too heavy for him!

 Uh-oh!  Baxter really wanted to play!
 I'm not sure where Baxter went..
or Walt..
but Emerson and his Papa continued to have a great time!

Oh..that's where Walt went!
He found his mama!
He asked her to dance with him...
and then he danced us a jig!

A fun July 13th!

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