Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Baxter loves sticks!

 This is so typical!
Baxter loves loves loves sticks!
I also love how playful his run looks...
that's my boy!

 I laugh when I look at this.  If there wasn't a red collar, I wouldn't know what this was!
Baxter LOVES water..
 I had combed him...
and then I turned on the water hose and let him get wet.
 He absolutely loves the water!

 After combing/grooming a Pumi, you're suppose to wet them down a bit to make the hair curl up.
 Baxter's is just starting to get the corkscrew curls!
This is a close up of his hair.
 I laugh at this!
He looks like he's got a cigar or something in his mouth...
but it's just a stick!

 Ah-ha!  You can see both eyes...
and his nose!
His ears are perfect Pumi ears!
 He's so good at the 'sit' command.
I don't give him anything until he sits.
 As I was trying to take a picture of him, 
I told him to sit.
 He's just so funny!
When I talk to him, he cocks his head from one side to the other,
as if he's trying to figure out what in the world I'm saying!

My wet Baxter!

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