Thursday, August 23, 2012

DBJ IV Photography - August Edition

 The top picture is one I took of Benjamin taking Emerson's picture.  The picture below it is the one Benjamin took.

Benjamin has become more serious with his photography.
Last time we were at his house, he went in the kitchen, opened one of the drawers, took out a camera, turned it on, took some pictures, turned it off and put it up.

This trip to our house, he saw my little camera, asked if he could take pictures with it, (I said yes), and he took about 400 pictures over the days he was here.  He would look at Emerson, "Eme, say Cheese,"  and Emerson would say 'cheese' and his cousin would take his picture.

Earlier at a park, Benjamin told some random group of kids playing to 'Say cheese!"  I don't know that they did, but he took their picture anyway.

After taking your picture, he follows it with, "Got you!"  or "I gotcha!" 
This photo directly above is one that Benjamin took.

Benjamin took so many pictures...around 400...that I decided to put some of them in a little slide show.  Enjoy!

 This was at the Dizzy Park.  You can see the pictures he was taking following the picture of him!

 I think he's taking after his Mimi in his love of photography!


Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed with Benjamin's photos. Wow!

Anonymous said...

I think he might be ready for a D90.


Judy said...

Hey Joshua, you might be right! Maybe I should get a bigger, better camera and give him my d90???

jujabbo said...

That's hilarious! I should make a photo book of some of his pics!