Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Fence Project

 Lindsey, Donnie and the boys came up Thursday... (yeah!!!) 
 My guy took off Friday and he and Donnie tackled the fence project.  I'm not sure what all it was...but that tree's roots were pushing against the fence and it was leaning...and not real stable...and two panels were ... well, on their last leg. 
Donnie is "the guy" when it comes to fences...and he got right in there and showed my guy what to do, how to do it, ... and he worked so hard on his day off to help out his father-in-law...
Lindsey and I took the boys to a new park (post coming soon!) and when we got home, more of the fence was down.

Today, when I got back from taking Benjamin and Emerson to our local park, the project was DONE! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Donnie!

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Anonymous said...

Where's the pics of the completed project? We need before and afters.
I know Dad must appreciate Donnie helping him out. The fence has been on "the list" for a few years and a certain someone always avoids it. ;)
You're the man Donnie and thanks for helping Dad.

Certain Someone